Projects / Creative

Motion Capture - Spring 2021

Final project for the class Fundamentals of Motion Capture. We recorded the movements in a Mocap Stage and then I used Unreal Engine 4, Mixamo characters, the Medieval Town environment from Quixel, Motion Builder and DaVinci Resolve to create the video.

3D Modeling and Animation - Fall 2019

For the graduate class 3D Modeling and Animation I modeled and textured a coffee cup, a mug, books and a shelf, and textured a dresser and the skin of the main character. I did that using Maya, Substance Painter, Photoshop and RenderMan.

WWI Story - Short Film - Spring 2020

We made this short as a final project for the Time-Based Media class. We only had 3 weeks to do all. I wrote the story, draw the storyboard, found the videos and music in Internet and directed it. Some of the videos are real footage from the 1910's! Isn't that cool?

Storytelling Sketches - Summer 2020

In Summer 2020 I participated in a workshop about autobiographical comics and these are some of the things I made



Sunday 27, July 2020. 9am watching Grace Bible Church service online, it’s about forgiveness. 12pm finally cleaning the fridge. 2:09pm order from Panda Express arrives 9 minutes late and it’s the third time he says he is sorry for being late. 9:30pm learning how to make the game pong



Before quarantine: making dinner, going to class on the next day, taking the bus. With quarantine: There are less people, the same way home is empty. Uncer tain ty.



Going down to throw away stuff to recycle, there are always dead bugs in the stairs. That’s my closest interaction.


Alone - Made this after watching the final episode of the series