Projects / Aesthetics

Life Drawing - July 2019

In this class we explored the concepts of motion, weight, composition and lighting, and went through human anatomy. This drawings were made by me and it was my first drawing and art class ever.

Color Theory Projects - Fall 2019

albers 2 hues

This is from a Color Theory class I took, here you can see an example of Albers simultaneous color contrasts and the notebook I had to do summarizing the contents of the class.

Photography - many years

I like taking pictures when I'm traveling. I'm definitely amateur on that, I just shoot with my phone, but I think sometimes I can get good results 🙂

Flowers in Summer, Tóalmas, Hungary
An empty space, College Station, Texas
blue mountains
Blue Mountains, Australia
The Palace of Moneda, Chile's presidential building, Santiago, Chile
Neighborhood, Melbourne, Australia
Darwin, Australia
First flower of Spring, Tóalmas, Hungary
Winter, Tóalmas, Hungary
Tequisquiapan, Mexico
I wonder if there was someone taking a picture of me, taking a picture of someone taking a picture of someone taking a picture, Dubrovnik, Croatia